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Customer Success Manager

RemoteAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsGrip

Job description

Grip is supported by the Professional Services department, the team that takes care of client-facing processes, ways of working, collaboration consultancy, integrations, and automation as well as overall onboarding and support of end users. This broad responsibility is carried by a number of roles, one of which is the Customer Success Manager. As the direct point of contact for clients and internal stakeholders, the CSM ensures Grip as a platform is fully utilized and clients grow their engagement with our software every day. On the internal side, the CSM ensures all teams are up-to-speed on the software capabilities, where the CSM leverages their engagement with clients to make him or herself as scalable as possible.

What’s Grip?

With the help of Grip (, companies such as L'Oréal, Coca-Cola and Beiersdorf are automating content production for their entire business. Grip moves classic media creation efforts into the cloud, effectively virtualizing production. The software solution Grip takes care of generating high-quality visuals, at scale, on-demand, and based on data. Brand styles, as well as product look and feel are codified, which ensures an entirely consistent, always on-brand output, no matter who (or what) requests it.

Job requirements


Onboarding users

  • Develop Onboarding Processes: Design and implement effective onboarding processes for new users, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive introduction to Grip.
  • Customized Onboarding Plans: Tailor onboarding plans based on the specific needs and goals of each client, whether internal teams or external customers.
  • Training Sessions: Conduct training sessions, webinars, and workshops to educate users on the features, functionalities, and best practices of using Grip.
  • Documentation: Create onboarding documentation, tutorials, and guides to support self-service onboarding.

Hands-on support

  • Proactive Engagement: Proactively engage with users to understand their challenges, address concerns, and provide hands-on support throughout their journey.
  • Troubleshooting: Investigate and resolve technical issues promptly, collaborating with internal technical teams when necessary.
  • Regular Check-ins: Schedule regular check-in meetings to assess user satisfaction, gather feedback, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Customer Advocacy: Act as an advocate for users internally, ensuring their needs and feedback are considered in product development and improvement initiatives.

Build up a knowledge base

  • Content Creation: Develop and maintain a comprehensive knowledge base with articles, FAQs, and tutorials to assist users in finding solutions independently.
  • User Guides and Resources: Create user-friendly guides, video tutorials, and resources that empower users to make the most of Grip.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate knowledge-sharing sessions with internal teams to ensure a shared understanding of user needs, common issues, and effective support strategies.
  • Continuous Updates: Regularly update the knowledge base to reflect software updates, new features, and evolving best practices.

Would be amazing if you:

  • Knowledge of (Graphical) SaaS software, whether it’s workflow management, content generation, online tools, or otherwise, what the graphical chain looks like and what their users may need. 
  • Proficient in creating user-friendly content and guides, tutorials and cheat sheets for end users, adapting them to client needs where needed.
  • Training and presentation skills
  • Excellent verbal and written English 
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Easy-to-approach and has a proactive attitude

What we offer

Most of our team works from Amsterdam or Bucharest, but we're a flexible company with flexible work options and many of our team work remotely. Our environment and our creative space are very important to us. We offer a competitive salary, paid annual leave, an annual L&D budget, an office overlooking the Amsterdam canals if working from AMS), get-fit schemes, a pool table, darts, fruits, snacks, and dinner options each evening for those staying later than working hours.

The procedure

Please send your resume and cover letter in English via the link provided. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our HR Department at