Compositing Artist

Job description

About Grip

Grip ( is web-based software that automatically produces visual content for physical goods. Grip supports brands to cope with the fast-accelerating challenge of the exponential grow and need for content. It’s based on photorealistic 3D, capitalising on INDG’s twenty-year-long experience in that field. 3D is good because once your beer or your juicer or your rocket is on Grip, it can be used and re-used for multiple media: images, videos, iOS apps, and such.

One can imagine that Grip is rather complex: it needs to render things quickly and photo realistically which presupposes some heavy engineering. It is a sophisticated system and so it needs sophisticated engineering.

As our new Compositing Artist you will work in close collaboration with the rest of our Template & Video team, our 3D Artists and the Grip TD team to create beautiful images and videos.

Creating complex compositions and visually appealing images is at your heart, and you aren’t shy of diving deep into node-graph setups as in Nuke or Fusion. Creating state-of-the-art compositions and integrating them into full 3D pipelines to deliver breathtaking visual result is the number one goal for all your creative and technical work. You also understand the technical side of Image Manipulation and (Deep Pixel) Compositing and how computer-generated content can be combined and integrated into real life environments and videos. You interest also extends into learning new ways of working and applying your knowledge to our proprietary in-house compositing and image generation engine.

You will be responsible to create beautiful templates to automatically generate lovable images and videos using standard tools like Nuke, Fusion, Photoshop and translating them into our own compositing pipeline.

Job requirements

Would be amazing if you have:

  • 5-10 years experience as a Compositing Artist
  • Hands on with key tools like Nuke, Fusion or similar, graph-based composition tools
  • Previous retouching experience, particularly in compositing
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Experience with colour grading and masking (creation and clean-up)
  • A basic understanding of how cameras and lenses capture light and how they distort/warp the image, understanding of focal length, depth of field, chromatic aberration, sensor noise and bokeh
  • A good understanding of lighting; i.e. how an object should reflect both the lights and other nearby objects, how it should cast shadows, how light travels through liquid, how a glass bottle should distort the objects behind it, etc. And to be able to look at a photograph and understand where the lights are coming from, their size, colour and the type of shadow they will cast
  • Preferably have experience working with 3D renders and an understanding of how CGI images are produced
  • Communication skills to discuss issues or potential improvements to the workflow
  • Ideally a fast internet connection to manage uploading/downloading large files and compositions
  • VFX, visualization, Feature Animation or Episodic production experience
  • Fluent English 

Nice to have: 

  • Experience in image manipulation and re-touch, eg. using Photoshop and similar tools is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of Python within Nuke

What will you be doing?

  • In close collaboration with our re-touch experts and 3D artists, you will work on our internal compositing engine, using it’s features and capabilities to codify typical re-touch and image manipulation tasks in an automated and visually appealing manner.
  • You will also guide our team of re-touchers on the ideal setup of typical node based composition to translate classical 2D / Photoshop based retouch into a flexible and node based approach.
  • In addition you will closely collaborate with our TD and Grip development team to work on future features and their application to solve typical composition challenges.

What we offer

This is a remote friendly role. Most of us work from Amsterdam or Bucharest, and if you’re close to any of the two, we’re more than happy to welcome you in our offices. Working at INDG Grip means you’ll be supported with flexible working agreements, an annual L&D budget, mental health and gym benefits, paid annual leave and the right IT equipment for the job. For those working from our office, we offer a well-equipped kitchen with snacks, fruits, lunch, and creative workspaces.

The Procedure
Please apply via the link provided. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our HR Department via